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Data Center Infrastructure

NEW WORLD APPS manages production and disaster recovery IT infrastructure for many of the world's largest government and commercial entities. The data center facilities utilized by NEW WORLD APPS are some of the world's finest Tier One telecommunications data center facilities. Each data center represents a $100 million investment or more, and each data center provides some of the best Internet connectivity available from within the largest TCP/IP network in the world.












Datacenter facilities utilized by NEW WORLD APPS deliver a high performance, high reliability managed Internet infrastructure platform for our customers' Internet-delivered solution. Our facilities include:




Network Monitoring
Data center and network monitoring leverages the finest monitoring technology available and is manned on a 24x7x365 basis with a team of up to 150 personnel on-premises around the clock.


Physical Security
NEW WORLD APPS Solutions are delivered from within facilities in the mainland U.S.A. that have been government assessed and government approved against U.S. government security standards. NEW WORLD APPS engineering staff has experience with a wide scope of U.S. government security policies and practices. Access to a customer's servers is restricted with multiple levels of access control. Data center facilities are protected by uniformed guards on a 24x7 basis. Extensive use of video surveillance is deployed, monitored and stored at all times.


Access to the data center is managed by several layers of authentication, including biometric scanning, electronic key readers, man-traps, electronic key management systems, and other authentication systems.


Climate Control
A data center's performance depends on the right environmental climate. Our data centers have a continuous circulation of conditioned air to provide the ideal environment for servers, routers, and other equipment. Each data center uses a sophisticated heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and multiple air handlers with redundant power feeds are located on the data center floor.


Fire Detection and Suppression
Data center staff proactively monitors air quality, via detection devices, which constantly test the air for combustible particles that could lead to fire or damage equipment. In the unlikely event of a fire, smoke sensors and heat detectors trigger a dry pipe, leak-resistant sprinkler system, which is installed above the data center floor. If triggered, water will fill the pipes instantly and direct the water only to the limited area affected by the fire.


Redundant Power Backup
Our data center facilities are equiped with massively redundant power generation. Each data center is served primary electrical power from atleast two local power companies. Power is fed to redundant Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS's). Redundant Power Distribution Units (PDU's), distribute power to redundant power strips. In addition to providing smooth, continuous power, the UPS battery system serves as instant backup in the rare event of a power failure. For extended power outages, our data centers are each equiped with multiple redundant diesel power generators (some facilities have as many as seven separate diesel generators).



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